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Three strangers coming from three different cultures and speaking three different languages find themselves trapped inside a confined mansion. Quickly running out of food and water, they come to realize that the only way to escape is for one of them to kill the other two. However, after escaping the mansion, the “winner” is then taken to another mansion that looks exactly the same as the one before, thus forming a whole new triangle of slaughter. In the endless duplicating dimensions of the same room, endless scenes of similar killing also take place. What happens in the previous room is projected onto the next, while the characters in the next room can receive phone calls from the people on the screen. The entire situation is strange, yet inevitable. The leading role, Chi, consistently increases his number of victims and murders in order to survive. This ever-rising number not only does not motivate him to live any longer, but instead has made him feel more exhausted and insecure after each life he takes. He aims to find a peaceful way to escape his dystopian reality, hoping to even perhaps identify the instigator behind this entire ordeal. Curiously, that unknown individual who hides behind a mask seemingly comes to understand Chi’s personality better and better after each dimension. This game becomes a trap in itself, dragging all three characters down a rabbit hole, forcing them to unleash their wildest and most animalistic behavior yet. The language barrier and memory loss that coincide with the cruelty henceforth ask the question: what exactly is human nature?